Wüste Welle

The “Förderverein für ein Freies Radio für Tübingen/Reutlingen e.V.” is a registered association and licenced operator of the community radio station “Wüste Welle” in Tübingen, Germany.
We are on the air since 1995, broadcasting 23 hours a day on an FM-frequency, the local cable network and through online live streaming.

The station’s Mission Statement reflects the association’s objectives:
• To foster social justice, media literacy, advancement of minorities and promote civil society ownership of media
• To provide widely available, low-threshold media education to all members of society, regardless of their age, gender, race or cultural and social background and to battle all forms of racism and sexism
• To provide a “third pillar” for the German und European media landscapes in co-operation with other community broadcasters
• To defend human rights, particularly the right to communicate