A voice for the Polish Community in Dublin

Polska Tygodniówka (Polish Weekly) is a weekly programme mostly in Polish language presented by Tomasz Wybranowski and Katarzyna Sudak, and which has been on air since 1st June 2006.

What attracted you into presenting a radio programme? “Upon arrival in Ireland, which has become our second homeland, I did not want to lose contact with the radio production and I wanted this to continue” – says Tomasz. The result is that Polish broadcast has been in the NEAR FM for over eleven years, and the “Polish Weekly” programme has exceeded 496 editions (to date, on 1st May 2017)

Would you define the content and aim of your programme? Polish Weekly is the 90-minute mix of news and interviews from the world of politics, culture and art which are important for Poles living in Ireland and the UK, but also in Poland. The programme includes a lot of music, especially new, debuting and, in occassions, multicultural bands, as we consider that Integration through art and music is unique.  In the flood of mainstream there is a need to give them a chance On Air.

How do you choose the music for the programme? Music depends on the individual subject and our guests we promote.

How can listener’s get involved? Listeners from around the world are welcomed to stay in touch and inform us what I is important to them. We are pleased to share their music and art and literary passions. Thanks to them we can discover extraordinary artists yet unknown.

What other programmes on Near FM do you like to listen to? Life Line, Golden Years, Samba Boys, Radio Latina, Radio Dublino

Anything you would like to add? Stay tuned and keep listening! 🙂 https://www.mixcloud.com/tomaszwybranowski/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PolskaTygodniowka/

To contact the programme: katarzyna@gmail.com