Radio Enlace

The Radio Enlace Communication Workshop Association was officially created on March 7, 1989 powered by the then-existing Hortaleza Youth Collective Platform. The objective of the platform was to coordinate the activities of young people in the district, so it was immediately proposed to ​​set up a communication platform. Initially, the magazine “Enlace” was created and it was published monthly for a year. During this period, the possibility of changing the magazine by radio became a reality. A few months later the Radio Enlace Communication Workshop Association was legalized.


  • To facilitate the access of citizens to radio.
  • Offer a service to the community both through the participation of citizens and by the emission of a balanced, relevant and informative programme that reflects the reality that we live.
  • To contribute to the cultural and social development of our neighbourhood in areas such as the promotion of participation and associationism, prevention and promotion of cultural activities that take place in our area (theater, music groups, etc).

How do we do it?

Radio Broadcasting. Radio Enlace broadcasts 24 hours a day. Listenership survey carried out by the company Panel Sur, concludes that our 48,000 listeners are satisfied by the stations’ wide cultural, musical, informative, educational…, offer.

Radio Training. Radio Enlace organises radio induction courses on a monthly basis with a duration of 30 hours. These courses are intended for all those who want to join Radio Enlace or who simply want to know more about the operation of a community radio station.

… and not only that…

In addition to our programming and radio courses we collaborate in the following activities:

  • We are part of the Union of Free and Community Radios of Madrid (URCM), the Community Media Network (ReMC) and the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC)
  • Radio Enlace Women’s Area is part of AMARC’s Women International Network in Europe and Worldwide, and coordinates the ReMC Women’s Committee.
  • We work with more than fifteen entities (associations, foundations and public centers) to promote the integration of all groups and individuals.
  • We are part of the Coordinator of Citizen Entities of Hortaleza.
  • Participation, since 1994, in the promotion and organisation of la Liga Escolar de Cross of Hortaleza.
  • Organisation of concerts and the Competition of Musicians of Hortaleza.
  • Participation in the organization of the local festival of the district of Hortaleza as well as in different festivals of the northeast of Madrid.
  • Lecturers in cycle of conferences on alternative communication, Communication and democracy, radio and education for health.
  • Participation in the platform “Prevention Table” of Hortaleza, which works with minors in the field of prevention of alcohol and other drugs abuse.