Recommendations for Intercultural Media

The InclusionDes project, funded by Erasmus + adult education, aims to explore the process that enables the participation of migrants in community radios in the countries/regions where the project partners are based (Ireland, France, Germany, Hungary and Spain) and extrapolate a set of best practice guidelines that can be used for other community radios to review their participation and access processes with a view to facilitate migrants access to media resources. (To simplify this document and the scope of the project we have decided to use the term ‘migrant’ to encompass individuals residing in countries other than their country of origin, independently of their legal status or the reasons why they have to relocate). The project coordinator is Radio Kultura (Baiona, Basque Country) and the partner organisations are Civil Radio (Budapest, Hungary), Radio Wüste Welle (Tübingen, Germany), Radio Enlace (Madrid, Spain) and Near FM (Dublin, Ireland).
A total of 15 community radios took part in the survey. These organisations were based in Germany (6), Austria (1), Switzerland (1), French (2), Irish (3), and Spain (2) and in total they would broadcast 143 shows in 43 languages that are produced by migrants from 64 different countries.
Forty-four migrant producers took part in the sample questionnaire. They listed 24 countries of origin.
None of the survey participants was based in Hungary. This can be explained by the clampdown on community media outlets caused by the Hungarian 2010 Audio-visual Legislation and regulation, and the stringent migration procedures implemented in this country.

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