Radio Latina

Radio Latina is a multilingual programme (Spanish/English/Irish) that brings together people with an interest in Latin American and Spanish current affairs. The programme hosts are Silvia Bernal, Victor Flores, Sarah-Jane Fortune and Hector Pastor. Radio Latina has been on air since 15 October 2014.
What attracted you into presenting a radio programme? We love journalism.
Would you define the content and aim of your programme? The aim is to be the main reference radio programme for Latin Americans living in Ireland and Irish interested in Latin America through a Magazine programme with weekly guests, news and music from Latin America.
How do you choose the music for the programme?  We follow the latest trends in Latin American music and invite musicians from all over Ireland who play Latino tunes. We also get suggestions from people who follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
How can listener’s get involved? Listeners can call us and text us while on air on Wednesdays. Also, they can contact us by email, and other social media platforms. People can listen to podcasts and contact us through our website and they can join us in our Radio Latina events around Dublin.
What other programmes on Near FM do you like to listen to?
Radio Dublino and Samba Boys.
To contact the programme:
Website address: